EEMA, the leading independent European think tank focused on identity, privacy, and trust, has announced the appointment of Steve Pannifer to its board of management. Pannifer, who is the chief operations officer at Consult Hyperion, is renowned for his expertise in the field of digital identity.

Joining Consult Hyperion back in 1999, Pannifer has worked on numerous identity and payments initiatives for card schemes, banks, and governments globally. He has also played a major role within the EEMA community, including as an advisory board member on the Horizon 2020 project. Additionally, he has chaired panel sessions with the ENISA and EEMA board management members Kim Cameron and Dave Birch during the EEMA Annual Conference in June 2020 as well as in EEMA’s ISSE 2020 webinar The European Single Identity System in November 2020.

Pannifer joins a host of big names in the field of identity and security who are part of the EEMA board of management. These include Hans Graux, partner at law firm Timelex, who was appointed in June last year.

Commenting on his appointment to the board, Pannifer said: “Through my work at Consult Hyperion I am fortunate to be involved in many interesting developments around the world, especially in identity and payments. My hope is that this will enable me to bring ideas and connections that will help to shape and guide EEMA’s future activities.

“EEMA presents a fantastic way to connect into the many digital identities and related developments across Europe and beyond. The combination of conferences, fireside sessions, and projects is unique. As well as meeting people EEMA offers the chance to work with those people on forward-looking projects.”

Jon Shamah, Chair of EEMA, stated: “I am delighted to welcome Steve to the EEMA board of management. He is very well respected in the field of digital identity and has long been a generous contributor to our community, sharing his wealth of experience and expertise.”

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